11 Years With No Concorde

Concorde is a name that we all recognize. The Concorde was an engineering marvel in the 1970s when it was introduced and it still is now. The Concorde was an aircraft that could carry more than 100 passengers in lavish comfort while traveling at speeds greater than the speed of sound. The Concorde did all of this for 27 years until exactly 11 years ago today the final commercial Concorde flight landed in London.  After the crash of Air France flight 4590 Concorde was deemed to be too old for passenger service. Other problems including rising oil prices took a great toll on the Concord’s profitability. The final commercial flight of the Concorde  was BA002 with service from      John F. Kennedy international airport to London. Some Concorde aircraft remain in tact in museums but none of them fly commercial service anymore. The Concorde was is and always should be the true queen of the skies. After an 11 year absence Concorde is still in the minds of millions.


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