Aero soft Twin Otter

Aero Soft now has an amazing Twin Otter for FSX that I have been checking out. Right now it is available on just flight for $35.99. Sounds good right? Just wait it gets even better.


The Twin Otter is arguably the best aircraft ever made. It combines toughness and amazing STOL characteristics to create the ultimate aircraft. It can hold roughly 20 passengers which if you think about it is pretty good. The STOL characteristics are amazing. The aircraft can takeoff from a 2100 foot runway while carrying passengers. It’s done on the island St. Bartelemy many times a week.


Once I began flying the Twin Otter I realized that it is one of the most fun aircraft to fly in FSX. The shear amount of power is surprising. When lightly loaded it’s difficult to stay under 20 knots when taxiing on the ground. The aircraft does incredibly well in storms or in other rough conditions. The Twin Otter is modeled in FSX quite well and comes with multiple liveries. It also flies very nicely. The aircraft has a very basic but adequate auto-flight system which makes it usable on medium range flights.


If you are looking for a new FSX aircraft this would be a great one to get. It runs well on most computers and is a blast to fly. I think that it’s worth the $35.99 but if you can catch it on sale for $16 like I did it’s even better. The Twin Otter is simply amazing.

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