Alabeo Diamond DA-42 Review


Remember a few months ago when Alabeo came out with their new DA-42? It was a big deal. The aircraft received many positive reviews but that was at the beginning. What is the aircraft really like? This review will go over the ups and downs of the aircraft category by category.



The aircraft looks fantastic. The model is good and looks crisp on a mid range laptop with FSX steam edition. There are multiple high resolution liveries included with the aircraft and they all look good. 2015-9-30_19-59-2-9262015-9-30_20-0-23-2482015-9-30_20-0-29-771

The exterior model is reasonably detailed  but the interior of the aircraft is where it gets good. The cockpit is well complimented by Alabeo’s model of the Garmin G1000 which looks good and functions very well. The windshield features great effects from the sun and from rain.


Overall in the model/graphics category the Alabeo DA-42 gets an 8/10.


Flying characteristics

I’m not yet a certified pilot so I can’t verify first hand how accurate the aircraft feels but I can give some info. Using my Logitech Extreme 3D Pro (see review here ) the aircraft felt responsive and fairly realistic but had some characteristics that I suspect wouldn’t be in the real aircraft. Sometimes in winds the aircraft also feels overly twitchy and more like a fighter than a Diamond.

Overall I’d give it a a 7/10 for flying characteristics.



The aircraft can seat 4 people and carry a reasonable amount of fuel making it good for flights within your state or flights between states if you make a stop or two. The aircraft is easy to fly and has an autopilot so if you must get up from the desk you can. It offers everything you would expect from a modern FSX GA aircraft.



Fun factor

This aircraft is FUN to fly! The G1000 works well and the aircraft is great fun to learn.



Overall I would give Alabeo’s Diamond DA-42 for FSX a 9/10. Its fun easy and looks good. Feels a little lacking in the flying characteristics department but nothing drastic. I would highly recommend this aircraft to an average desktop Flight Simmer. For someone who has mastered the Alabeo or Carenado aircraft with relative ease or for someone who just wants more of a challenge I would recommend an A2A aircraft instead due to the more realistic flight models and maintenance features. All that said I must say I’m very impressed with the DA-42 from Alabeo!






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