Boeing 717 Pass Around

If you look back at the order book you may notice that the Boeing 717 A.K.A. MD-95 actucally did quite well in the airline world. A few hundred were sold and they are fairly new aircraft still. That makes one wonder… where are all of those 717s?


It all started back in the mid 1990s when McDonnell-Douglas was marketing the aircraft as the MD-95. A disgrace of an airline called valu-jet ordered quite a few of them to replace their DC-9 fleet. The orders did not start to be delivered until after valu-jet had been dismantled and had turned into Air-Tran. At the same time some other Asian airlines also began to take delivery of the 717. This is when the 717 was one of the best narrow-body aircraft on the market.


Most of the 717 aircraft went to Air Tran where they loyally served for many many years. When Southwest absorbed Air Tran Southwest did not want to keep the 717 and therefore leased them out to Delta airlines which is where they still serve today.


The Boeing 717 has been passed around like no other aircraft. Luckily it all ended well and they now have a good life at Delta. The 717 is an awesome airplane.



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