Congrats to Boeing

The Boeing 737 is the most popular airliner of all time weather you have realised it or not. But what you probably don’t know is that as of April 16, 2014 the total production count of the 737 is 8,000 aircraft. Boeing has been producing the 737 science 1966 and airlines have loved it. Take Southwest Airlines for example the worlds largest operator of the 737 owns 589 of these aircraft. This number out of 8,000 does not sound like much but for one airline this is a lot of aircraft especially with them all being 737s. The Boeing 737 is a very popular aircraft and will be for years to come. Boeing is planning the 737 MAX series that is planned to be in service by 2017. This new aircraft series will have more fuel efficient engines and other improvements. Even though the 737 has been in service since 1966 it is still frequently updated and the aircraft are some of the most advanced ┬ácommercial airliners in the world. The 737 is an amazing workhorse. Boeing has built 8000 so congrats to them and the 737 program.


File:Southwest 737 n658sw.jpg

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