Feel There/Just Flight Embraer Phenom 100

I’m back with another aircraft add on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX). This one is a payware aircraft so it is not free like the Boeing 757 featured in my last FSX article. I picked this up on sale from just flight a little while back and have not gotten around to reviewing it until now. I don’t know if you can still find it at this price but I paid about 10 USD for mine. One thing to note is that the aircraft comes on a disk and is not a download like most other add on aircraft. The aircraft itself is fantastic! The Phenom 100 in real life has a glass cockpit based on the Garmin g1000 and the same goes for the FSX aircraft. The Phenom 100 is one of the most advanced Very Light Jets (VLJ) in the world. The add on comes with three different liveries for the aircraft. There is also a tutorial. The planes pressurization system is not usable but instead the sim does it for you. The people at Feel there and Just flight have done this so that you can get off the ground quicker and get flying without 30 minutes of pre-flight time. The aircraft is amazing to fly. With all of the capabilities of the Garmin g1000 at your fingertips flying a VLJ has never been so interesting! The aircraft also handles very well and has a full load planner and config tool. I would highly recommend this aircraft. Especially if you can get it at the price I got it at. Its a fantastic add on aircraft!


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