How to Make an ILS Approach in Infinite Flight


Infinite Flight is one of the best mobile flight simulators and has a new capability allowing users to make ILS approaches. Below is an example of a landing I made that required ILS.

As you saw in the video difficult landings can be made in a safe and easy matter with an ILS approach. The following information is only to be used in infinite flight and should not be applied to the real world. To make an ILS approach in Infinite Flight follow these steps:

  1. Load a flight with your preferred weather, region and an ILS capable aircraft (such as the Airbus A321).
  2. Turn on the auto-pilot and set it to maintain your current altitude while setting the speed at 137 knots.
  3. Next press the APPR. button on the auto-pilot section. Leave all other autopilot settings as they were.
  4. While on the approach add flaps and lower the landing gear at the appropriate times. Make sure you don’t forget to arm the spoilers.
  5. On final reduce the speed to about 132 knots.
  6. When you can see the runway or you are ready to take over control simply turn off the auto-pilot and land as you normally would.
  7. If you don’t feel comfortable with the approach don’t hesitate to go around and try again!

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