Jet Lag SUCKS! Here’s How to Avoid it

After a recent trip to Australia (expect airline reviews for that soon) I found out that jet-lag really sucks. In fact, I am currently writing this article at 6:00 AM local. I haven’t been able to sleep all night. Not one minute. I decided that I might as well be productive and try to spread the word on how to avoid the inevitable jet-lag. I am not a professional just an enthusiast but I figured I could spread the tips I have heard over the years.


First things first. Jet-lag is unavoidable. On any long haul flight you will cross many timezones which means your body’s internal clock will be ever so confused. Even if you do everything right the first few days will be rough. With some simple tips you can avoid the really bad stuff. Here’s how:

  1. Adjust your internal clock in advance. It’s not difficult but it is important. A few days before your departure slowly begin to shift your sleeping times to better work with the sleeping times at your destination. This will help you greatly.
  2. Stay well hydrated. This CANNOT be stressed enough. People don’t tend to get thirsty in the air because of their lack of activity and therefore do not drink as much water. Water will help your body immensely.
  3. Avoid the alcohol. Everybody loves an alcoholic beverage or two while on a long haul but they’re a bad idea. Not only can they have potentially dangerous side effects in flight but they also dehydrate you which will make your jet-lag far worse.
  4. Book an overnight flight if possible. Not all destinations have an overnight flight option but if they do it is always a good idea to take the night flight. You will eat dinner and go to sleep at the right time which will help you allot.
  5. Sleep on the plane if at all possible. Sleeping on the plane will at least help you recharge some and may even help you get rested up for the day ahead.
  6. Don’t go to sleep at your destination until its local night time. It may be tempting to go get a quick nap at the hotel upon arrival. Don’t do it. It will only mess up your internal clock even more. Instead tough it out and wait to sleep until the local night time.

Got any more tips or tricks to avoid jet-lag? Please share them in the comments section below!


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