Odd Airline Route 6/16/2015

For the first article in the Odd Airline Routes series I’ve decided to go with one that hardly anyone knows about.

In Alaska there is a small town called Adak. With an estimated population of 326 Adak is truly tiny. It lies 1200 miles southwest of Anchorage. At one point in time Adak island was home to a large military base and the airport is still there. The airport is still in use for the twice a week Alaska Airlines flights that service the the island.

Alaska Airlines uses a Boeing 737-400 Combi aircraft for the flights which is one of the things that makes this route odd and slightly impressive. Try to think of another town of under 500 people that gets twice a week 737 service. It’s pretty hard isn’t it?

The pilots of this flight also face many challenges including terrain extreme winds and old airport facilities. One of the airports two runways is considered to be in “poor” condition and the other is considered to be in “fair” condition. ┬áThe airport is index A for crash service and has no maintenance facilities.

The flights into Adak are incredibly important for the town though and will likely never stop. Although Adak is challenging and old it’s also beautiful. Anchorage to Adak is defiantly an odd airline route.



An Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-400 similar to the one that flies into Adak.

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