757 Replacement Talk

Let us talk about the Boeing 757. As we all know it’s a great airplane. It is a narrow body aircraft capable of flying transatlantic routes. The 757 is extremely overpowered which means that it has great short field capabilities. The Boeing 757 is greatly loved by many airlines which is why even though it drinks fuel and is aging fast the airlines still use it on a very wide variety of routes.


For years now we have heard rumors of a 757 replacement but here are the facts of the matter:

1. There is a reason Boeing ended production of the 757. That reason being there were no new orders and no money to be made at the time.

2. The 757 lives in a niche market meaning that there are very few slots for an aircraft of this type.

3. Airlines are flexible… They are willing to increase frequency with smaller aircraft or decrease frequency with larger aircraft is necessary. They don’t necessarily need a direct replacement aircraft although it might be nice.


As shown above there are defiantly reasons for aircraft manufactures to not make a 757 replacement but a case can be for the opposite too. Reasons a 757 replacement should be considered:

1. There is still a market for that kind of aircraft. Is it a big market? No however it is still an untapped market.

2.Current 757 replacement proposals just don’t fit the bill. As stated above airlines tend to be flexible when ordering aircraft but they would probably prefer a direct replacement.

3. Boeing’s idea that the 737 can directly replace the 757 is well… stupid. The airplanes just don’t have the same capabilities.


So now we have seen reasons to make and not to make a 757 replacement. The thing is one company has decided that there are enough reasons to make a replacement. Airbus has decided to make what they have designated the Airbus 321 NEO LR. It should have roughly the same passenger capacity as the 757 but more importantly it should also have the same range. The idea is that the A321 NEO LR will be able to fulfill transatlantic missions that the 757 is currently used on. Sounds good doesn’t it? Two questions pop up though:

1.  Will it have the amazing short field capabilities that the 757 has?

2. Will the A321 NEO LR live up to expectations?


In my opinion the A321 NEO LR will not be as amazing as the 757. I think that if we are ever going to get a genuine direct 757 replacement it will have to be a clean sheet design not a modified version of an existing aircraft. I could absolutely be wrong though. Let me know in the comments section below what you think of the A321 NEO LR.

11 Years With No Concorde

Concorde is a name that we all recognize. The Concorde was an engineering marvel in the 1970s when it was introduced and it still is now. The Concorde was an aircraft that could carry more than 100 passengers in lavish comfort while traveling at speeds greater than the speed of sound. The Concorde did all of this for 27 years until exactly 11 years ago today the final commercial Concorde flight landed in London.  After the crash of Air France flight 4590 Concorde was deemed to be too old for passenger service. Other problems including rising oil prices took a great toll on the Concord’s profitability. The final commercial flight of the Concorde  was BA002 with service from      John F. Kennedy international airport to London. Some Concorde aircraft remain in tact in museums but none of them fly commercial service anymore. The Concorde was is and always should be the true queen of the skies. After an 11 year absence Concorde is still in the minds of millions.


New FSX screenshots!!!


I have been doing a lot of flying recently so I have some new screenshots. Sorry about the amount of time between posts. I will try to put more content out. 🙂

Southwest Has a New Look

   It’s always a big deal when an airline comes out with a new livery. Sometimes the new livery looks good sometimes it simply doesn’t. Southwest airlines was in need of a new livery. Within the last few years all of it’s U.S. competitors had revealed a new look. Southwest was looking old and outdated.

Southwest 1-1241

Above: A Boeing 737-700 in the old Southwest livery.

That all changed on September 8, 2014 when southwest anouced their new livery called “Heart”. The new livery looks much more modern and clean than the old one. With the new livery a new logo was also shown. The new logo and livery can be seen at www.southwest-heart.com.

Personally I’m a fan of the New Southwest livery. Using good manners let me know what you think of the new look in the comments section below.

Ultimate Airline Crew 2014 for FSX

I recently bought a new add on for FSX called Ultimate Airline Crew 2014. Ultimate Airline crew 2014 is an add on that simulates the voices of the cabin crew. The add on costs about $15 and features most of the announcements that a real cabin crew would make. There are some issues though. First you MUST have FSUIPC in order for you to run the add on. This is a free program that lets the SIM communicate with the add on. This is not the largest issue though as it is for the most part easy to install. However it can be hard to find on the internet and you must make sure that it’s file does not come with a virus or any other unwanted files. The largest problem though is the frame rate hit. You can lose 15 frames per second just by running the addon. this is a big problem. All that the add on is is sound recordings that are played at the correct time. So why do I get such a frame rate hit? The last issue is that the flight attendants who speak English in the program sound like they have a french accent. That’s not a bad thing but it doesn’t really make much sense when I am flying an american airlines Boeing 757. All in all this add on is decent and if you would like to hear the cabin crew giving the safety announcement to the passengers or telling them to fasten their seat-belts then it’s a good add on for the money.

What Does Boeing’s 777X Mean For Airbus

As all of us know Boeing and Airbus have been in a huge rivalry throughout the past thirty or forty years. It looks like Boeing may have found a good area in the market to help it get even bigger. After unveiling the Boeing 777X at the Dubai airshow last year some new questions were raised for Airbus. Airbus has been losing the Widebody twinjet for the past 10 or so years to the Boeing 777 series which has sold extremely well. Airbus was finally starting to gain some headroom with the A350-1000 and then at the Dubai airshow one of their worst nightmares was reviled… The Boeing 777X which in the short period since launch has already racked up over 300 orders and has the potential to very easily destroy the Airbus in terms of sales. This can become a huge issue for Airbus. See the 777-300er has been monopolizing the market for the past decade and suddenly the enhanced version comes into development just when airlines will begin seeking replacement of the 300er. The 777X certainly fits the bill too with the 777X-9 having more seats while consuming less fuel. Cathay Pacific is the launch customer for both the A350-1000 and the 777X and says that the 777X will be used on higher demand routes while the a350 will be used on the lower demand routes. This is all great for Cathay pacific but it also shows where the weakness is for Airbus. See what Boeing has done is they have put themselves into an unchallenged market segment where there is no pesky Airbus to get in their way. This market segment is clearly important though with 300 orders off the line. 150 of those belong to Emirates airlines. 777X enhancements are planned to include but will not be limited to:

1. A new flight deck using 787 technology.

2. A new interior that is wider has larger windows and new architecture.

3. A 6.3 meter wingspan increase.

4. Folding wingtips allowing the 777X to fit into existing 777 facilities even with the new longer wing.

5. Revised operating weights.

6. Overwing emergency exit moved to aft.

7. New engines from GE reduce fuel burn by up to 10 percent.

8. New lengthened fuselage.

9. Drag reduction on leading edge of the tailfin similar to the 787s tailfin drag reduction.


Now you see why Airbus could have some issues in the future. See because Boeing will monopolize a high demand market they will make lots of money for improving other aircraft which could allow them to outdo airbus in other markets where there is competition. It will most likely take Airbus a minimum of 5 years to release a new aircraft to compete with the 777X-9 which means that thats five years worth of solid profit for Boeing. It is quite possible that the 777X is Airbuses worst nightmare.





Feel There/Just Flight Embraer Phenom 100

I’m back with another aircraft add on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX). This one is a payware aircraft so it is not free like the Boeing 757 featured in my last FSX article. I picked this up on sale from just flight a little while back and have not gotten around to reviewing it until now. I don’t know if you can still find it at this price but I paid about 10 USD for mine. One thing to note is that the aircraft comes on a disk and is not a download like most other add on aircraft. The aircraft itself is fantastic! The Phenom 100 in real life has a glass cockpit based on the Garmin g1000 and the same goes for the FSX aircraft. The Phenom 100 is one of the most advanced Very Light Jets (VLJ) in the world. The add on comes with three different liveries for the aircraft. There is also a tutorial. The planes pressurization system is not usable but instead the sim does it for you. The people at Feel there and Just flight have done this so that you can get off the ground quicker and get flying without 30 minutes of pre-flight time. The aircraft is amazing to fly. With all of the capabilities of the Garmin g1000 at your fingertips flying a VLJ has never been so interesting! The aircraft also handles very well and has a full load planner and config tool. I would highly recommend this aircraft. Especially if you can get it at the price I got it at. Its a fantastic add on aircraft!


Congrats to Boeing

The Boeing 737 is the most popular airliner of all time weather you have realised it or not. But what you probably don’t know is that as of April 16, 2014 the total production count of the 737 is 8,000 aircraft. Boeing has been producing the 737 science 1966 and airlines have loved it. Take Southwest Airlines for example the worlds largest operator of the 737 owns 589 of these aircraft. This number out of 8,000 does not sound like much but for one airline this is a lot of aircraft especially with them all being 737s. The Boeing 737 is a very popular aircraft and will be for years to come. Boeing is planning the 737 MAX series that is planned to be in service by 2017. This new aircraft series will have more fuel efficient engines and other improvements. Even though the 737 has been in service since 1966 it is still frequently updated and the aircraft are some of the most advanced  commercial airliners in the world. The 737 is an amazing workhorse. Boeing has built 8000 so congrats to them and the 737 program.


File:Southwest 737 n658sw.jpg

Just Flight Boeing 757

We all know that there is a huge modding community for FSX. If you are not sure what a mod is let me tell you. Mod is short for modification. These are in essence free add-on aircraft. I will warn you that not all of them are good. Some may not be of good quality and may not even be finished. Some also cary viruses so be careful upon download. I am not responsible for any issues that you may encounter with any mod. Now that we have gotten past the boring part let me tell you about my most recent one. I installed the Just Flight Boeing 757. It is a wonderful aircraft of payware quality. Just Flight is a company that makes payware but they give away the 757 for free. It only comes with one livery but you can buy more if you want. It is a great aircraft. Almost everything works and all of the systems are simulated properly. The flying model also seems to be quite good. The aircraft looks very nice too. You may have frame rate issues with the aircraft though if you do not have a decent computer. It is more cpu/gpu intensive than the aircraft in FSX. I really like this aircraft as it even has an FMC that works compared to the stock aircraft in FSX. It is a super aircraft that you need to try for yourself.