The end of the 747 era

For years flying on a Boeing 747 was a wonderful experience that only some had. As the years went on the 747 became more and more popular and the 400 variant was a huge success for Boeing.             The 400 was one of the flagship long haul aircraft of the 1990s. Now though the 400 is being retired all over the world. Even though Boeing is now making the 747-8i the end of the 747 era is really almost over because most airlines have gone for the 777-300er instead of the more fuel thirsty 747. Four engines aircraft are simply outdated and require more fuel and maintenance to run which is one of the main reasons the 747 is going away.

The one of the other main reasons for 747 retirement is simply it’s public perception. People think of the 747 as an old aircraft which is not good for the airlines. This logic is true to a degree because the 747 was introduced into service in 1970 and just because it’s had many upgrades since then the airframe design still comes from the 1960s.

Although it’s a shame the 747 era is coming to a close it also makes sense. The largest problem is for Boeing because the 747-8 has not sold well at all and who knows if they will break even on it. That remains to be seen but we can pretty much be positive that the 747 era is almost over.


This sight will be missed

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