Ultimate Airline Crew 2014 for FSX

I recently bought a new add on for FSX called Ultimate Airline Crew 2014. Ultimate Airline crew 2014 is an add on that simulates the voices of the cabin crew. The add on costs about $15 and features most of the announcements that a real cabin crew would make. There are some issues though. First you MUST have FSUIPC in order for you to run the add on. This is a free program that lets the SIM communicate with the add on. This is not the largest issue though as it is for the most part easy to install. However it can be hard to find on the internet and you must make sure that it’s file does not come with a virus or any other unwanted files. The largest problem though is the frame rate hit. You can lose 15 frames per second just by running the addon. this is a big problem. All that the add on is is sound recordings that are played at the correct time. So why do I get such a frame rate hit? The last issue is that the flight attendants who speak English in the program sound like they have a french accent. That’s not a bad thing but it doesn’t really make much sense when I am flying an american airlines Boeing 757. All in all this add on is decent and if you would like to hear the cabin crew giving the safety announcement to the passengers or telling them to fasten their seat-belts then it’s a good add on for the money.

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  1. I recently bought an add-on called ultimate crew 2014 from just flight just under a month and a half ago and it won’t work in the game even tho I did what it said in the manual I’m confused how I theFSUIPC thing I don’t actually remember if this is required and is In u add-on menu in game then why isint the add-on working for this amount of time the customer service has been appauling and no one I’ve asked or know not even half the guys on the fsx fb page have heard of or use it plz help

    1. Hi!
      I had some trouble getting ultimate crew to run too and I should probably add that to my review. When I got the add-on I downloaded the latest version of FSUIPC. There are many different places you can get FSUIPC and not all of the versions you will find online are any good. If I were you I would first take FSUIPC off of my computer completely and try to re-download it from a reliable place. If that doesn’t work I would take Ultimate Crew 2014 off of my computer and reinstall it. One other thing would be to check if your computer is capable of running the add-on. If none of these work I have had many very good experiences with both Just Flight and the Just Flight customer service department and I’m sure they would love to help you. I hope you can get your add-on working!

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