What Does Boeing’s 777X Mean For Airbus

As all of us know Boeing and Airbus have been in a huge rivalry throughout the past thirty or forty years. It looks like Boeing may have found a good area in the market to help it get even bigger. After unveiling the Boeing 777X at the Dubai airshow last year some new questions were raised for Airbus. Airbus has been losing the Widebody twinjet for the past 10 or so years to the Boeing 777 series which has sold extremely well. Airbus was finally starting to gain some headroom with the A350-1000 and then at the Dubai airshow one of their worst nightmares was reviled… The Boeing 777X which in the short period since launch has already racked up over 300 orders and has the potential to very easily destroy the Airbus in terms of sales. This can become a huge issue for Airbus. See the 777-300er has been monopolizing the market for the past decade and suddenly the enhanced version comes into development just when airlines will begin seeking replacement of the 300er. The 777X certainly fits the bill too with the 777X-9 having more seats while consuming less fuel. Cathay Pacific is the launch customer for both the A350-1000 and the 777X and says that the 777X will be used on higher demand routes while the a350 will be used on the lower demand routes. This is all great for Cathay pacific but it also shows where the weakness is for Airbus. See what Boeing has done is they have put themselves into an unchallenged market segment where there is no pesky Airbus to get in their way. This market segment is clearly important though with 300 orders off the line. 150 of those belong to Emirates airlines. 777X enhancements are planned to include but will not be limited to:

1. A new flight deck using 787 technology.

2. A new interior that is wider has larger windows and new architecture.

3. A 6.3 meter wingspan increase.

4. Folding wingtips allowing the 777X to fit into existing 777 facilities even with the new longer wing.

5. Revised operating weights.

6. Overwing emergency exit moved to aft.

7. New engines from GE reduce fuel burn by up to 10 percent.

8. New lengthened fuselage.

9. Drag reduction on leading edge of the tailfin similar to the 787s tailfin drag reduction.


Now you see why Airbus could have some issues in the future. See because Boeing will monopolize a high demand market they will make lots of money for improving other aircraft which could allow them to outdo airbus in other markets where there is competition. It will most likely take Airbus a minimum of 5 years to release a new aircraft to compete with the 777X-9 which means that thats five years worth of solid profit for Boeing. It is quite possible that the 777X is Airbuses worst nightmare.





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