What Stands in The Way of a Concorde Return?


Some think that the Concorde can and will return due to the fact that in recent weeks a group has announced that they want to have it back in the air by 2019. They have millions of dollars of funds secured and have some of the biggest Concorde fans on earth ready to help. Sounds promising doesn’t it? Let’s dig a little deeper here and¬†explain the many obstacles in front of a Concorde return.


Multiple Failed Attempts…

After the retirement of the Concorde 12 years ago multiple groups have tried to bring it back only to give up for mostly financial reasons. These guys seem pretty legit though so is there still a possibility?


Financial Resources:

The group that would like to bring back Concorde has LOTS of money to help them along, but how much is enough? The Concorde was an extremely expensive beast even when parts were easy to get and fuel was cheap. Currently fuel is at a good price in the U.S. but it’s still more expensive then it was when the aircraft flew. Other costs such as parts and labor have also gone up making Concorde more expensive to operate.


Lack of Manufacturer Support:

There is virtually no support for the two most important parts of the aircraft which are the airframe and the powerplants. The company that produced the airframe is now part of Airbus who is likely reluctant to start production of expensive and complex parts just so that one enthusiast group can fly one aircraft. The same principal applies for Rolls Royce/SNECMA which is the company that made the engines for the Concorde.


The Concorde Probably Won’t Play Nice in 2015 and probably not in 2019:

Due to things like noise restrictions Concorde may have trouble operating in 2019 which is when they want it back in service.


Certification Could be a Major Issue:

The Concorde could face major issues in terms of being certified in Europe and/or the U.S. due to its age and the fact that Airbus is unlikely to play nice with the group that wants to restore it. Without certification it would be difficult for the public to fly on the Concorde.


Above you saw some of the obstacles that could be standing in front of Concorde when it comes to returning to flying. Personally I don’t think that the Concorde will return to the skies but I would love to be proven wrong. After all the Concorde is the true Queen of the skies.


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